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Book cover design that gives valuable clues to potential readers.

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We’re told from childhood to “never judge a book by its cover.” But in reality, covers offer valuable clues to potential readers about what they may find inside a book.

Books with eye-catching covers are more likely to be picked up from the bookstore shelves (or clicked on when browsing online). And that’s the first step a reader takes before purchasing a book.

I have designed more than 50 book cover concepts while competing at 99designs competitions. It was a wonderful experience to compete with the world's top talent.

I won three competitions and runner-up in 9 contents with 5-star ratings.

Below are winning designs and concepts.

How to Really Use LinkedIn

How To REALLY Use LinkedIn: Implementing Social Selling & Social Recruiting Projects At Scale.
Books helps to: StandOut in Social Business, StandOut in Social Selling,StandOut in Social Recruiting & Strategies.

Live with Intent

The Live with Intent authors tap into their deep experience to help people create a roadmap for personal and professional reinvention. They teach you how to get from where you are to where you want to be, increase your confidence and live with passion and purpose.

You're a Fool, Kevin

Utterly unique, hilarious, runaway train of a novel that never loses the foolish, beating heart at its center: Kevin Badildo and his apocalyptic struggle against the man, and a world, that has betrayed him. It has a wildly inventive plot that reaches heights (and depths) of absurdity that most writers would be afraid or unable to touch.

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